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Xiaomi Smart Speaker: India Launch

Xiaomi Smart Speaker has been launched in India at a price of Rs 4999 INR

Xiaomi Smart Speaker has been launched in India and it comes with IR control can act as voice remote control for home appliances as it comes with an inbuilt IR transmitter module, which when combined with Google Assistant lets you control non-smart devices using your voice. The speaker houses a 1.5-inch full range driver as well as two mics with far field voice wake up support.

Furthermore, the Xiaomi Smart Speaker also comes with an LED digital clock display that supports adaptive brightness, which dims the light when it’s put on DND mode. The brightness levels automatically changes depending on the ambient light. Users also have the option to choose desired songs and settings when keeping the alarm. The smart speaker from Xiaomi comes with support for inbuilt Chromecast. The physical control buttons on the speaker can be used to play/pause, volume up/down, or mute audio.

Pricing: Rs 4999 INR.


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