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Fiio JD3 in-ear Monitors: India Launch

Fiio JD3 in-ear Monitors has been launched at an offer price of Rs 1499 INR

Fiio JD3 in-ear monitors has been launched and it features a 9.2mm dynamic drivers and have a dual-cavity internal structure and semi-open backed acoustic design. The drivers also employ a neodymium magnet for energy reserves and the voice coils are made using CCAW — a lightweight material. The internal design features a professionally-tuned, specially adjusted frequency response, and the in-ear monitors have a high sensitivity rating of 107dB/mW.

The Fiio JD3 in-ear monitors feature a pressure relief system, which is said to improve sound quality. This is achieved by balancing the air pressure inside and outside the IEM to reduce distortions.

The 3.5mm stereo plug is made of aluminium alloy. The IEM also sport Blue and Red grilles for the left and right audio channel respectively, for easy identification by the wearer. The Fiio JD3 in-ear monitors have HD microphone and in-line controls allowing users to place calls, as well as control playback and as well as adjust the volume.

Pricing: Rs 1499 INR.

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